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Frequently Asked Questions

Our wall stickers are designed to be stuck to any clean, dry and flat surface e.g. glass, tiles, furniture, mirrors, doors – and of course walls!

When applying stickers to walls, please note that they will stick down best when the wall has been painted with normal matt emulsion. Some glossy / silk paints, or ‘special effect’ paints (e.g. light reflecting paints) can be more difficult to apply wall stickers to because of their chemical properties. If you would like to test our stickers on your wall prior to purchase please drop us an e-mail via the contact us page to request a sample to apply.

Our stickers can be applied on top of wallpaper, and any other card / paper based products, but in these situations please note that the stickers may not be cleanly removable.

All our wall stickers are made from the highest quality vinyl media, with a non-glare ‘matt’ finish.

The stickers are intentionally very thin, to give the most effective ‘mural’ finish – making the stickers look more like a painted design on the wall than a sticker. Being thin also makes the stickers much harder for curious little fingers to pick at.

The matt finish helps prevent any shine or glare when the sun is on the wall, which results in a more professional, higher-quality finish (and again, helps give that ‘mural’ effect).

Finally, all of our stickers are exactly die-cut around the design, with no white borders. This makes them totally suitable for any colour wall.

Our stickers can be applied on top of wallpaper, and any other card / paper based products, but in these situations please note that the stickers may not be cleanly removable.

Yes! The manufacturing of all our products is done here in the UK. It allows us to ensure that product quality always meets the highest of standards, and enables us to be really flexible in terms of helping customers with bespoke and personalised requests.

It also means that if you want to discuss anything, you can call our UK offices (028 276 68011) and you’ll speak directly to a member of our team, who will be more than happy to help with any query. Our office is staffed between 9am-5.00pm on weekdays.

We care about our customers and their experience with us, and we hope this comes across in all our dealings with you.

We proudly make all our products in-house, so we are always very happy to chat about bespoke requests.

If you’d like your stickers to be a different size to the options shown on our website (or if you’d like to adjust colours, or even add a personalised element) then please get in touch by emailing us via the contact us page.

Please see the ‘Delivery and Payment’ page for standard delivery details. If you need something delivered more quickly – please let us know, and we’ll advise you on options!

Our wall stickers can be wiped clean with a baby wipe or lightly damp cloth. We however do not recommend aggressive rubbing or use of cleaning chemicals as this may affect the sticker image.

Our stickers are splash proof, and perfectly suitable for use in bathrooms. We would not recommend placing them in locations where they will become very wet / fully immersed in water.

Under normal conditions, our wall stickers are cleanly removable from regular painted walls, leaving no residue behind. They have been tested on a variety of walls for cleanly removability as we recognise that this can be a really important consideration when selecting your wall stickers.

There are however a number of factors that can affect removability (mainly in relation to the existing quality of the paint on the wall) and therefore we recommend that if you are concerned about clean removability, you test a small sample on the application area prior to applying your full design to ensure removability. Again, we are more than happy to supply you with a small sample to enable you to do this.

If you find your stickers are being stubborn to remove, gently heat up the sticker (with a hair dryer for instance) to soften the adhesive and ease removal.

During the application process, you can use the transfer film provided to make sure the positioning of your stickers is just right. On regular walls, some repositioning during application should be absolutely fine (try not to press your stickers down firmly on the wall until you’re happy with the positioning to make this process as easy as possible).

The stickers are designed to stay looking good for as long as you’d like in the place you apply them. They are not designed to be removed and repositioned over time.

We do not recommend you apply your stickers near any sources of heat e.g. directly above a radiator. This is because the heat can affect the adhesion qualities of our stickers.

We recommend you leave at least 2-3 weeks prior to applying our wall stickers to a freshly painted wall. Whilst paint may be touch dry within a few hours, the paint requires a lot longer to fully dry-out. Applying our wall stickers during this period may impact their adhesion to the wall.

Yes! We supply all our wall stickers with a transfer paper which makes it very easy to apply the stickers in your desired position. And if you want to chat any of it through, we’ll always happy to help – just give us a call on 028 276 68011.

Yes! All our sticker designs come with a general application guide, and for designs where we believe it would be helpful. You can also find our general application guide online here.

We do endeavour to show colours as accurately as possible on our website, but unfortunately due to monitors all having slightly different settings, colours may occasionally look slightly different between computers. If the exact shade of colour is important to you (e.g. if you need a product to match something exactly), then we’d suggest that you order a sample.

Let us know exactly what you’re thinking of ordering / which colours you particularly want to see, so that we can ensure your sample will help you make your decision.

Our stickers are generally provided in what we refer to as ‘kit form’. This means that you would typically apply the sticker in various sections, rather than all in one go.

We provide stickers in this way as there are a couple of key advantages: a) since some of our wall stickers are very large, it is much easier to apply them in smaller sections than it would be as one complete image; and b) it allows you to enjoy some flexibility in exactly how you apply them (so, if you have plug points / light switches / items of furniture you need to position the stickers around, it is much easier to do this).

Full instructions are always included.

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